How to Add Privacy, Protection, & Beauty to Your Backyard

If there’s one thing shrubs and flowers are good at, it’s making your yard look stunning. But if there’s one thing they’re not so great at, it’s blocking out the noise from traffic, barking dogs, and neighbors.

If you’re looking to block out the distracting sights and sounds of the outside world, a privacy wall or fence might be right for you. Aside from bringing some much-needed privacy to your life, these structures do double duty by protecting your property from soil erosion and keeping your delicate plants from being damaged by the wind. 

The right privacy wall or fence adds a touch of class to the perimeter of your property, so choosing the right materials to complement your home’s style is a must. There are a vast array of styles to choose from, from modern wooden beams to decorative lattice, to a more permanent concrete wall that offers year-round stability.

Cutting Edge can help you choose the right style of privacy wall or fence for your home. Here are some styles to consider:


Fences are probably the most obvious way to create privacy in your backyard. Fencing is great for creating seclusion and adding an element of security and better protection for children and pets. 

And if you’re looking for a more natural look, it’s easy to personalize your fence. You can add trees, shrubs, and garden beds to soften up the look.


Pergolas are aesthetically pleasing and create a unique feeling of intimacy. Perhaps more so than fences, pergolas can be completely customized to suit the level of privacy you’re after. 

Again, if you’re after a natural look then vines and flowers are right at home hanging off any pergola. And additional built-in seating or hanging swings can create the perfect spot for relaxing in your outdoor space.

Trellis screens

A trellis screen is great for sectioning off pieces of the outdoor space. If you’re interested in creating a separate, more private dining area or sitting area, the trellis screen is a great option. It’s also easy to move, which makes it convenient for changing the set-up and design of your outdoor space.

Trellis screens come in a variety of colors and designs, making them an ideal option for adding a quick decorative statement to your landscape.

Whatever the material your outdoor area requires, we have it handled for you. Call Cutting Edge today to set up an appointment with one of our highly qualified staff. We’ll help fit your yard with that extra touch of class and privacy for an enjoyable summer.