Hardscaping for Landscaping

You come home from a long day’s work on a beautiful afternoon fit for grilling out, but you open the back door to weeds and overgrown plants and cracked pavers and the sight of it is way too overwhelming to be a stress-reliever. What do you do?

We’ve got what you need… bring in several photos of your backyard from a couple of angles and we can re-design a beautifully relaxing haven for your family and friends to enjoy with you. Maybe your backyard isn’t cracked and overgrown, but you are just tired of the design. We can show you simple ideas that will create an entirely new dimension of relaxing paradise for you.

Walkways, Pavers, and Stones

Do you need a walkway? Maybe adding a circular pattern of stones or pavers instead of a linear pathway is all it would take to create a whole new design. Or adding trellis or greenery to block traffic or noisy neighbors with a splash of color would spruce it right up (pun intended). Have a garden? We could create a small sitting area next to or throughout your garden to enjoy when it’s in full bloom. 

Maybe you already have a patio or deck that you love. We can add square footage for you to entertain and hang out on by adding pavers or stones around or off to one side. This can give you a whole new area to utilize—add furniture or even a fire pit and you are ready to enjoy your backyard throughout the fall months.

Free Consultations at Cutting Edge Hardscapes 

With a camera on almost everyone’s smartphone, it is easy to take a few pictures from different angles and bring them in for a consultation. We can talk you through your own ideas or if you want to leave it up to us for the design process, that is completely fine too. The options are endless and we’re open to your ideas.

We want to make it as easy as possible for all our customers because, in this fast-paced, high-strung world, we all deserve to relax in a comfortable environment. If you are tired of going to other people’s parties and never hosting, we can help you with that too. We make hardscaping simple because you deserve it. Contact us today to get started.