Make the Most of Your Patio This Fall

We don’t want to admit it either, but fall is around the corner sooner than we think. With that in mind, there are few ways to get your lawn and backyard ready to be enjoyed well into the fall and maybe even winter months. Cutting Edge Hardscapes is here with hardscape, decking, and lighting solutions to help make the most of your backyard this fall. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your patio:

Start Your Maintenance Now

Before it starts to get chillier and the plants start to die, go ahead and start clearing weeds and annuals. This way you will have a clear space to utilize and enjoy as the temperatures start to change. Spray off your hardscape, deck, or patio with the hose. If more stubborn debris has clung on, power washing maybe your best option. 

Upgrade Your Patio

A lot of people think by fall your window for adding a new backyard feature is over, but that is far from the truth. Fall provides the perfect weather to get the job done, and our waiting list is usually a little bit shorter as we near the end of the season. This means fall is the perfect time to upgrade your patio, add a fire element or pergola, and make those backyard goals come to life. We have designers at the ready to get your project started so you can still enjoy it within the calendar year.

Install a Fire Element

Is there anything better than sitting around a fire during the fall? Adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace may be just what you need. As we mentioned before, it’s a great time to take on this project, may add some value to your home, and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere in your own backyard. By adding a fire element, you also extend the time you can enjoy your patio well into the fall and potentially even early winter.

Lighting Matters

As the sun starts to set earlier and earlier, think about adding or upgrading your backyard lighting. Lighting can be used to add visibility when its darker outside, increasing the time you can use your patio. Or it can be used decoratively—adding visual intrigue to the most beautiful parts of your backyard. A balance of functional and aesthetic lighting can really improve your backyard’s entertainment value, security, and safety. Our team stays up to date on new technologies within lighting solutions to make sure we can help you have the most enjoyable backyard possible.

Request a Consultation

At Cutting Edge Hardscapes, our main goal is to help you make the most of your backyard. If you have any questions or would like to talk about a potential project, please know consultations are always free and we’re ready to get started!