Setting the Mood: Outdoor Lighting

As the temperatures fall over the next few months, the sun will start setting even earlier. But spending time outside can be an evening option with the right lighting solutions. In addition to installing your hardscapes, we can also help you plan design, and install outdoor lighting solutions perfect for every season and occasion. Here are four primary reasons why you should consider outdoor lighting:

1. Safety

Outdoor lighting can add safety to the outside of your home. Lighting up walkways can help prevent people from tripping or falling, and waltzing through your landscape. Zone lighting can illuminate specific areas of your yard, like a deck or patio. In addition, outdoor lighting, especially motion-detecting lights, can be used around driveways and entrances for added safety and security.

2. Comfort 

Outdoor lighting can extend your living areas in your yard and maximize the use of your hardscapes. The lights you use on your deck, patio, or around your pool, can help you enjoy your space no matter the time of day. The right lighting can also enhance your landscaping for a more inviting and enjoyable experience once the sun sets.

3. Décor 

Outdoor lighting can be so much more than string lights or large, obnoxious security lights. Uplights can be used to display elements around your yard, such as a large tree or a garden. Mood lighting is best suited to outdoor living areas. Other exterior lighting options, like low-voltage lights, can further highlight the beauty of your hardscapes and landscapes after dark.

4. Curb Appeal 

Similar to décor, outdoor lighting can enhance the curb appeal of your home. A well-lit home presents a cared for and well-maintained impression for the entire neighborhood. Outdoor lighting can help your home feel like a welcoming retreat for family and friends.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there really is no downside. Every yard, large or small, can accommodate outdoor lighting. If you have any questions or would like to enhance your yard with outdoor lighting solutions, we would love to help.