Did You Know? Fall and Winter Are The Best Times To Install a Pool

The end of summer might signal the end of the swimming season, but it doesn’t mean you’ve missed the opportunity to install a new pool. Installing your pool in the fall has a few advantages over other seasons. 

If you know you want a pool for your home or business, don’t wait! Installing a pool is possible year-round. Here’s why fall is an excellent time for pool installations.

Skip Wait Times

Some local pool companies may be engaged in multiple other projects in the middle of summer. As a result, you may have to wait a while before the team can start your pool installation or give you its full attention. When you schedule your installation during the off-season, the odds are much higher that you’ll be one of the only projects on the schedule.

Take Advantage of Dry Ground

When the weather turns, it typically means drier, harder ground. Fall winds and temperatures dry up moisture from a hot summer. Dry ground is easier (and cleaner) for construction projects like installing a new pool. Dry, solid ground will react better to heavy machinery and trucks necessary to complete your installation. You can reduce the damage to your lawn by waiting until the wet, muddy ground from summer clears away. You’ll also be able to restore your landscaping in time for spring growth.

Great Weather 

During the fall, the air is a lot cooler, but the ground has not yet frozen. This means that the building crew can get more work done without worrying about heat exhaustion, and the installation can go smoother without interruptions from bad winter weather.

Discounts and Savings

Who doesn’t like to save money? Just remember that the amount that you can save depends on your pool builder and their schedule. You’ll also have more options with more pool builders available in the off-season. This allows you to shop around for the best deal.

Have Your Pool Ready for Next Summer

Installing it now gives you the chance to enjoy a beautiful, completed, and well-functioning swimming pool by the time the weather warms back up. You’ll have plenty of time to finish the project, make final payments, and understand how to maintain your new pool before summer is in full swing. Then, when next summer rolls around, you’ll be ready to break in your brand new pool – not entering the beginning stages of an installation.

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