6 Creative Deck Ideas Beyond The Standard Rectangle

If you’re looking to build a deck or upgrade your existing deck, current deck designs can inspire you to create the deck of your dreams. Whatever the dimensions—expansive or small, narrow or wide—a deck is the ideal place to kick back and relax outdoors. Use a decking contractor to learn more about the types of decks you can create and the next steps.

Here are just a few designs that can help you ditch the cookie-cutter rectangle for an exciting new outdoor space.


While an open-air deck makes a happy addition to any home, outfitting it with a pergola can transform it into a regal retreat. 

Floating Deck

It’s a low-standing, floating deck just a few inches off the ground, which can be built in all types of yards.

Exposed Deck

Exposed decks can subject you and your guests to whipping winds, harsh sunlight, and other forces of nature. Instead, consider building your structure around the trunk of a favorite backyard tree so you can benefit from both the shelter of its shady branches and its natural beauty.

Octagon Deck

Adding an exciting add-on to your deck can be a great way to give your existing deck an upgrade. Playing with the size and position of your octagon addition can be done quickly with new-age programs offered by many construction and hardscape companies. 

Tiled Deck

Although the deck’s structure is a big part of making it your own, there are some fun ways to breathe new life into an existing deck. By paving your deck with mosaic tiles, you are not only bringing a surprising twist to your outdoor space but replacing wooden decks with a low-maintenance alternative. With thousands of tiles to choose from, the possibilities for customization are endless! Tiles are sure to bring a unique flair to your backyard oasis.

Painted Deck

Even if you’re stuck with a deck of diminutive dimensions, you can still create the illusion of space. A fresh coat of paint that closely matches the exterior of your home can make the deck seem more expansive and cohesive—more like an integral extension of the house than a bulky stand-alone extra. 

Regardless of the current state of your backyard or existing deck, there is always room for improvement. The possibilities are endless! By adding any of these unique design elements to your home, you can truly make your outdoor space a reflection of the family inside. Reach out to us for your decking contracting needs in Indianapolis.