Clean Up Your Backyard Before Winter Sets In: Keep Your Hardscapes in Tip Top Shape

A well-manicured lawn and beautiful hardscapes do more than boost your home’s curb appeal – it gives you and your family a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy. You put a lot of time, effort, and money into building the hardscape of your dreams. The last thing any homeowner wants is all this energy to go to waste when their patio begins to break down.

Follow these simple tips for maintaining your outdoor space.

Time For A Bed Clean Up

After the leaves have fallen and been cleaned out of flower beds, the actual clean-up can begin. With much of the greenery now gone, it is easy to see weeds that need to be sprayed or hand-pulled. Now is also a great time to take care of any winter pruning that needs to be done. Cleaning up your beds this time of year is beneficial for your plants and flowers. Additionally, it is an excellent opportunity to think about spring garden preparation.

Seal It Up 

Most hardscapes are made with pavers that come from various materials, from brick and slate to porcelain. While these materials are created to be durable and long-lasting, it’s essential to add a layer or two of protective sealant to your hardscapes. These seals keep moisture out, prevent cracking during winter months when deep freezes can occur, and delay deterioration due to elemental damage. 

Fix Existing Structures

If you have a deck, hardscape patio, fence, or shed, it should be checked yearly for safety and cosmetic issues and repaired as needed. The key is to not jump on the fixing bandwagon too early. You want to wait until your lawn has dried up a bit from the winter snow and spring rains. That way, your yard has time to settle, and then you can plan your structure cleanup.

Thin Bushes and Shrubs

Some experts recommend trimming your shrubs before they bloom in the spring to see dead spots. Others say to wait until your shrubs have blossomed and grown for the season so you can shape and trim them. Either time works — it all depends on your personal preference.

Power Wash

Power washing is a quick and easy way to maintain the integrity of your hardscapes. Materials can show signs of age over time, from discoloration, staining, debris build-up, and mold growth. Not only will power washing get your hardscape back to its beauty, but this makes sweeping and regular cleaning more manageable. 
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