How Pergolas Add Value To Your Property

Anytime you elevate your home in the eyes of buyers, you are essentially increasing property value. Therefore, if a feature makes your property more enticing compared to similar inventory, it will allow you to command a higher asking price. 

Since outdoor living has become especially popular, the value of homes with pergolas has been on the rise. Because they are open and airy, pergolas can help define your outdoor space without making it feel smaller or confined. 

The value pergolas provide to a particular home depends on three factors. These factors include:

  • Overall Investment
  • Location of Your Home
  • Type of Pergola

Overall Investment

Anytime you invest a large sum of money into your home, it is essential to ask if your property will retain this value. From a strictly financial perspective, the more money you invest into your home, the more money you can receive back when you decide to sell.

Location of Your Home

No doubt, outdoor home improvements are more common and get used more in regions with warmer climates. But, heaven knows how handy they come during summertime.

If you and your family reside in a warm area, you’ll tend to use the pergola more as you try to take shelter and escape from the scorching heat. That means a home buyer searching for a home in such a location is prepared to spend more on the house with a pergola than one with no outdoor structure. As a result, a pergola is likely to add additional value to the home.

Type of Pergola

The type and style of pergola you choose to install can also affect the value added to your property. Pergolas come in various kinds ranging in design, size, and materials used to build them. These affect both the installation and maintenance costs.

Therefore, depending on the style, size, and material used, the cost of setting up a pergola will always vary. Of course, more durable materials will demand a higher value and boost the style and class.

Additional Features

There are a vast number of pergolas on the market. These outdoor structures range from standard models that simply provide overhead shade and cover to more advanced models that can even charge your electric car. In addition, several pergolas that contain advanced features can be found on our website.

Regardless of the pergola style you install, a beautiful outdoor structure in your backyard will go a long way in enhancing the living space and the value of your home. In addition, it will motivate you to spend more time with your family, enjoying the outdoors often. 

And when the time comes to sell the property, the pergola will boost the overall value of your home property. All you need to do is maintain it so that it can preserve its original outstanding appeal. Reach out to us for your free consultation