Winterizing Your Deck and Hardscaping

It’s wintertime, and the decking season is coming to an end. That means it’s time to start thinking about deck maintenance for next year! One of the best ways to keep your deck in good condition for years is by protecting it during the winter months. Here are three easy tips that any deck owner can follow this winter.


One way to protect a deck during the winter months is by covering it with a tarp or even plastic sheeting, depending on where it’s located. This will help keep the deck dry and free of snow and ice. Try to find decking contractors who can help you install and remove if needed.

If you have any hardscaping features on your deck, like a railing or steps, it’s essential to make sure they’re appropriately winterized as well. This means wrapping them in weather-resistant materials like tarps or plastic sheeting. It’s also a good idea to make sure they aren’t covered in snow or ice, which can cause damage.

Outdoor Furniture

If you do one thing to prep your outdoor space for winter, you should weatherproof your patio furniture. Using patio furniture covers will protect your chairs, sofas, umbrellas, tables, and more from rain, snow, ice, and debris. This will ensure everything is clean and ready to use when warm weather returns and that your furniture lasts for years to come. Your outdoor cushions, pillows, and curtains can even survive the cold; simply give them a good, deep clean, then store them in a zippered bag in your shed, garage, or attic. 


Whether you plan on spending time outdoors through winter or just want some added safety and security, consider installing lighting around your home’s exterior. Some solar-powered, motion-sensor flood lights will keep your outdoor spaces illuminated on dark days and nights when you need it most. Keep your family, neighbors, and delivery drivers safe with solar LED lights that keep walkways well-lit and provide better visibility all season long. And don’t forget the sidewalks, stairs, and pathways, too.

Final Thoughts

Decking and hardscaping can last for years when properly winterized. Decking contractors can help with all of your deck maintenance needs. Make sure to follow these tips this winter, and your deck will be in great shape for the next season!

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