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The Best Pavers for All Weather

Dec 30th, 2020 | WP Admin
Pavers are a simple way to add creative designs, texture, and structure to your yard, garden, or outdoor space. They come in a variety of colors, materials, and shapes, ensuring that whatever your style and taste, there is a paver for you.  Once you build the pathway or patio you’ve always wanted, the last thing … more »

The Importance of Protecting Your Hardscape This Winter

Jan 3rd, 2020 | WP Admin
Salt, snow, and water damage are all things that will affect your beautiful hardscaping this winter. Those installations you made in the summer will begin to deteriorate, causing you more headaches this coming spring. Here are three reasons ways you should protect your hardscape this year, and three ways to do it.  Refrain from using … more »

Outdoor Living Trends You’ll See in 2020

Dec 27th, 2019 | WP Admin
With the year 2019 coming to a close, we are approaching the beginning of a new decade! When reflecting on the year it is clear that the basis for outdoor living was based on clean lines and modern materials. Let’s take a look at some trends that you may see this upcoming year! (Fun)ctional Just … more »