Cutting Edge Hardscapes was founded with one purpose in mind: to give you the most beautiful, durable, and worthwhile solution in hardscape design, thereby increasing your home’s value and your long-term, outdoor enjoyment.
Our workmanship, and the stones we install, are guaranteed. We are ICPI Certified® – the highest certification there is. Our installers are trained in the latest construction techniques. And we partner with some of the best manufacturers of paving stones in the industry, such as Belgard® and Unilock®.

Unique to Cutting Edge we offer free consultations complete with imaging software. We help you to picture your home with paving stones. We’ll be happy to come to your home and show you how beautiful it can look with paving stones. Our advanced computer imaging software can transform a photo of your home with its existing patio or drive into a vision of exactly what you’ve been looking for. What better way to truly envision what your outdoor living spaces could look like?

Our Installation Process

1. We remove the existing surface down 9 1/2” to 11 1/2”

2. Then we install 6”-8” of crushed aggregate base to create a firm but flexible foundation.

3. Next we add a 1” layer of bedding sand.

4. Individual Paving Stones are then placed by hand into the bedded sand, to ensure a perfect fit. Then a plate vibrator is passed over the stones, locking them into place

5. Finally, a layer of sand is swept over the Paving Stones. We pass the plate vibrator over the surface a second time, forcing the sand into the joints from the top. This completes the permanent interlocking process. We also place our unique concrete bond beams to protect the Paving Stones from shifting.
It’s All About You
You’ve chosen the paving stone style, the colors, the design. Now the ball’s in our court. Even so, we want to keep you in the loop so you can be perfectly comfortable with the process. Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect from Cutting Edge Hardscapes:

1. Your Sales Representative will confirm acceptance of agreement and reaffirm measurements and final design and color choices.

2. Your Sales Representative will introduce you to your Field Supervisor who will guide your project through every stage, and every detail.

3. Your Field Supervisor will conduct a pre-construction walk-through and give you a Construction Considerations Letter detailing the construction expectations.

4. Your Field Supervisor will make many site visits throughout the construction phase and will provide necessary schedule updates due to potential changes in weather.

5. Our installation professionals will be courteous, wear company uniforms, be respectful of you and your property, and work diligently until you are completely satisfied.

6. Your Field Supervisor will perform a final walk-through upon completion. This will entail inspection and homeowner approval, instructions on the care of your new hardscape, and delivery and review of warranty documents.

7. We will follow up with you to receive valuable input for company improvement.

8. If there ever is a need for warranty service, we guarantee prompt response and courteous resolution.

9. We don’t leave until you are happy!
Frequently Asked Questions
Are driveways and patios constructed of paving stones stronger than concrete?
Paving stones are often 2-3 times stronger than standard concrete construction. In shipping ports around the world, some of the world’s heaviest pieces of equipment (ie, cranes) operate on top of paving stone pavements. In addition, paving stones are guaranteed against cracking or breaking. Once installed, paving stones are virtually maintenance free and perfect for your driveway or patio.

Am I limited to color and style selection with paving stones?
No. Paving stones come in a wide variety of colors and styles. While not finding a suitable color is indeed rare, custom colors can be manufactured for particular hues. And within each style, different patterns can be laid of the same style, further expanding your choices.

What is ICPI certified?
ICPI certification is the highest certification provided by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. ICPI imparts the requisite knowledge, experience and industry guidelines required to build pavements using concrete pavers.

Is Cutting Edge Hardscapes ICPI certified?
Yes. Our philosophy is to be on the “cutting edge” of installation methods and design capabilities.

Why should I select paving stones over other possible applications (e.g., stamped concrete, acid treated concrete, stained concrete, etc.)?
At Cutting Edge Hardscapes, we guarantee that your paving stones won’t break or crack. Whereas other applications (i.e., stamped concrete, acid stained concrete, etc.) can be made to look beautiful initially, no company will guarantee that those applications won’t crack and break up over time.

I don’t know where to begin with designing our backyard oasis; can you help?
Simply call and schedule an appointment for your personal consultation about your outdoor living area potential and options. Our consultants will help you design your new outdoor living area within your budget and tastes. 

How do paving stones perform in cold weather?
Wonderfully! The paving stones we install for your next home improvement will be guaranteed to perform their intended purpose of home beautification without breaking or cracking for as long as you own your home!

I’m a visual person, can I look at the design before the project is installed?
Our design consultants can provide you with peace of mind by preparing a computerized digital rendering of your actual home with your selected color and style of paving stones. 

How much do paving stones cost?
Paving stone costs will vary depending on style, color, pattern, size and intricacies of the area to be installed. Our consultants can provide you with your free estimate once you’ve selected the design of your choice. As a general guideline, paving stones will range from $14-28 per square foot installed. 

Are paving stones difficult to maintain?
When properly installed, paving stones are virtually maintenance free. They are guaranteed against breaking and cracking for as long as you own your home. Sealers can also be applied if a certain effect such as establishing a “wet-look” is desired.

Won’t the sand wash out of the sand joints?
Properly installed paving stone applications will not lose enough sand to warrant concern. Although sand may be visible on the surfaces for a brief time period immediately following installation, this will quickly become negligible. Significant grade changes (ie, steep inclines), however, could potentially affect the sand stabilization; in these situations, we would recommend application of a sand congealer to prevent water erosion of sand.