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8 Gorgeous Ideas For The Perfect Bonfire Space

Jun 12th, 2018
The sound of crackling wood, the hum of chatter, the smell of smoke, and the fireflies of light disappearing into the black sky are marks of any great bonfire. Aside from the people you share it with, the setting of your next bonfire could be perfected by the beautiful setting you share it in.   … more »

4 Types of Deck Lighting and Their Advantages

Jun 4th, 2018
Proper lighting not only makes your deck safer, it makes the space functional for entertainment and relaxation well after the sun goes down. Unlike one blinding flood light, these four distinct types of deck lighting described here serve a dual purpose; they add safety and beauty to your outdoor space.   1. Post, Rail and … more »

How To Successfully Use Fill Dirt in Landscaping

May 8th, 2018
Fill dirt is most commonly used to fill holes or cavities in your yard where rainwater pools and creates muddy, unstable spots. Having an evenly graded yard also helps pets and children play safer by lowering the risk of sprained ankles and falls. If you’re looking to purposefully add unevenly or “rolling” grades to your … more »

What Type and Color of Mulch Should I Use For My Landscape Project?

Apr 26th, 2018
All mulch types are not created equal. Landscape mulch can affect the pH of your soil, making it harder or easier for certain plants to thrive. And of course, they all have visual qualities that can add to or detract from your design We’ve broken down some common mulch types and colors to help you … more »
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