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5 Creative Deck Ideas Beyond the Standard Rectangle

Oct 8th, 2019
The great thing about having a home is that everything is customizable. From cabinet finishings to light fixtures, the opportunities to make your home a unique reflection of yourself are endless. If you’ve been considering building a deck to expand your entertaining space and increase the value of your home, fall is the perfect time … more »

The Best Time Of Year To Plant Flowers, Vegetables, and Trees: A Guide

Sep 24th, 2019
The best time to plant trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses is typically during the dormant season. For North America, the dormant season lies between late August to mid-October. Planting during these cooler months has a wide range of benefits, and it gives you a head start in the spring with a garden full of well-developed … more »

The Best Time of Year to Build a Deck

Sep 11th, 2019
With the final weeks of summer upon us, you may be thinking of all those projects that were pushed farther and farther down the to-do list as the weather begged to be enjoyed. But don’t worry, there’s still time to get some of those big-ticket projects out of the way. In fact, it may just … more »

Invasive Indiana Species You Should Never Plant In Your Yard

Sep 6th, 2019
Although most of the plant species growing in Indiana are native, roughly 25 percent are not. These invasive species can cause issues to the existing plants growing in your yard by competing with and crowding out more desirable native species. So what is an invasive species? Any species that is non-native to the ecosystem under … more »

Insect Control In Your Backyard

Aug 23rd, 2019
Come rain or come shine, having a bug-free backyard is an important part of keeping our home family- and guest-friendly. Especially if you have children. There are certain time-tested ways to keep your backyard insect-free that are never a bad idea to implement. Even if you have a small backyard space, or just a small … more »