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Using Decorative Mulch As a Design Element: Ideas & Photos

Feb 15th, 2019
While mulch serves a very important function of keeping soil healthy, insulating the ground, and halting the growth of weeds, many homeowners use it for its aesthetic beauty. In addition to improving your yard’s ecosystem, mulch can be used as a design element. Countless colors, textures, and materials of mulch are popping up all of … more »

Designing A Hardscape For Year-Round Outdoor Living

Feb 6th, 2019
Though not every hardscape element can be used year-round in Indiana, a great design includes transitional and season-specific elements that cater to the climate. We’ve pulled together a few design ideas for a hardscape fit for year-round outdoor living.   Multi-Seasonal Outdoor Kitchen Regardless of the season, food and drink are the centers of celebration. … more »

Protecting Your Hardscaping This Winter

Jan 25th, 2019
You’ve invested time and money into making the hardscape of your dreams. Now, as snow and ice descend upon Central Indiana, we thought we’d offer a few helpful tips for protecting your hardscape this winter.   Use the right de-icer It may be tempting to grab the cheapest bag of rock salt and throw it … more »

Why Winter Is A Great Time To Start Your Hardscaping Project

Jan 18th, 2019
Winter may seem like a good time to daydream about all of the awesome ways you’ll improve your home once the snow begins to melt. We think it’s the best time to start making those dreams a reality. It may seem counterintuitive to begin an outdoor project when the elements are working against you. As … more »

Hardscaping Trends for 2019: Fire Elements, Kitchens and More

Jan 7th, 2019
  Though they may not consider themselves part of the most heavily mythicized generation in recent history, the oldest millennials will be turning 38 this year. Yep, they’re almost 40. Though student loans and lower wages have kept many millennials far from home ownership, they all seem to agree on one thing: staying home. In … more »