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Save Money and The Earth With A Solar-Powered Pergola

Aug 14th, 2019
Saving money is important for everybody. But to homeowners, saving money is essential, especially if they hope to make homeownership a pleasurable and enduring experience. One of the go-to solutions for a household looking for saving money and being environmentally conscious at the same time is to install solar panels. But roof-based solar can sometimes … more »

How To Make Your Backyard More Family Friendly

Aug 6th, 2019
We have all been there before. We’re home tired from work and other activities but the children remain restless. Taking them to a park isn’t an option and someone needs to cook dinner. What to do? Enter the backyard: the only place children are free and safe enough to experience the outdoors without giving you … more »

10 Big Design Ideas For Small Patios

Jul 30th, 2019
Whether you live in an apartment or a suburb, backyard real estate can be slim.  But being low on outdoor space doesn’t mean you have to be low on style or function.  There are tons of creative ways to make a tiny patio pay off big with these design ideas. What is your space best … more »

DIY or Not: Prefab Pergolas vs. Custom Pergolas

Jul 19th, 2019
We all catch the weekend warrior itch at some point. The thought of getting out there and building something makes us proud.  When it comes to pergolas, some homeowners opt to buy a prefabricated kit from a big box store or online retailer and just go for it. Others hire a professional contractor to create … more »

5 Reasons Your Backyard Needs a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Jul 9th, 2019
You may think you have to go to a elegant bistro (and pay fancy pizzeria prices) to get the distinct and beautiful taste of wood-fired pizza. Think again.  Pizza ovens are for everyone. And having a pizza oven in your backyard may make you wonder Why didn’t I do this sooner? How do wood-fired ovens … more »