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Using Your Driveway for Curb Appeal

Feb 19th, 2018
Remember when you first met your boss? How about your spouse? Those first impressions are super important and leave lasting impressions. In this digital age of “go-go-go” people are used to forming spot opinions instantaneously, more than they ever have been before. Your driveway is the yellow brick road that captures the eye and leads … more »

Save Energy With Timers for Outdoor Lighting

Feb 12th, 2018
Imagine your house entrance or on the back porch  where hanging bulbs become luminous every day at sunset. Automatic light switches, whether wall timers, plug-in timers or smartphone-controlled timers, control indoor and outdoor lighting in residential or commercial settings. These light switch timers make life easier by allowing you to program your indoor, pool, and … more »

Maintaining Outdoor Lighting in the Winter Months

Feb 2nd, 2018
It is easy to neglect your outdoor lighting system when the conditions are cold outside. You already shovel your driveway, sidewalk, and walkway, and de-ice your car, why would you want to spend anymore time out in the cold? The problem is, winter is when your outdoor lighting system is most vulnerable. The temperature, moisture, … more »

Top Six Hardscape Designs

Jan 31st, 2018
Whether this is your first home and you are ready to revamp a couple areas inside and out, or you are a seasoned homeowner in need of inspiration ideas, we have compiled a list of the top trends for hardscape design to get you motivated. 1. Variety of Rich Colors The key to this trendy … more »

Winter Mulching You Say? Whhhaaat? Whyyyyy?

Jan 23rd, 2018
In areas that experience freezing temperatures, winter mulching differs from mulching during the growing season. We mulch our gardens in the spring to suppress weeds, retain moisture and feed and warm the soil. While we may spread a layer of soil conditioning compost or manure in the fall, the primary reason for winter mulching is … more »