Paving Stones

Solid Beauty

From cobblestone to flagstone or ancient Roman tiles, paving stones come in scores of shapes and colors to create exactly the right personality for your home. Moreover, paving stones capture the Old World warmth, charm and ambiance that poured concrete or asphalt just can’t touch.

Other paving materials, such as brick, asphalt or stamped concrete, will crack, chip and fade. Paving stones won’t. In fact, they’re proven to be several times stronger than poured concrete and are an excellent choice for patios, driveways, retaining walls and pool areas. Download a materials comparison chart.

When installed properly, paving stones can offer a lifetime of maintenance-free enjoyment. Cutting Edge Hardscapes is ICPI Certified® — the highest certification there is, which means more thorough installation processes. Our workmanship, and the stones we install, are guaranteed.

And if that’s not enough, we can show you — with computer imaging — how your stunning new design will look before you decide.