After Placing an Order

It’s All About You

You’ve chosen the paving stone style, the colors, the design. Now the ball’s in our court. Even so, we want to keep you in the loop so you can be perfectly comfortable with the process. Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect from Cutting Edge Hardscapes:

10-Step Process Guide:

  1. Your Sales Representative will confirm acceptance of agreement and reaffirm measurements and final design and color choices.
  2. Your Sales Representative will introduce you to your Field Supervisor who will guide your project through every stage, and every detail.
  3. Your Field Supervisor will conduct a pre-construction walk-through and give you a Construction Considerations Letter detailing the construction expectations.
  4. Your Field Supervisor will make many site visits throughout the construction phase and will provide necessary schedule updates due to potential changes in weather.
  5. The owner of the company, Kevin Schluchter, will be integrally involved in all phases of the project, from design to completion and inspection.
  6. Our installation professionals will be courteous, wear company uniforms, be respectful of you and your property, and work diligently until you are completely satisfied.
  7. Your Field Supervisor will perform a final walk-through upon completion. This will entail inspection and homeowner approval, instructions on the care of your new hardscape, and delivery and review of warranty documents.
  8. Kevin Schluchter will follow up with you to receive valuable input for company improvement.
  9. If there ever is a need for warranty service, we guarantee prompt response and courteous resolution.
  10. We don’t leave until you are happy!